Gospel of Mark

Do you still not understand?

Are your hearts hardened?  

Do you have eyes yet still do not see?

Do you have ears yet still do not hear?

Do you still not understand? 

These questions are woven in and out through the Gospel of Mark and as we walk around inside the heart of this Gospel, we might ask ourselves the same questions.  As we invite this gospel to hold up a mirror to our lives, Jesus might ask the same question of us

Over the next few months, I hope that you will spend time with the Gospel of Mark, not just in the few hours that we gather via ZOOM but in your own study time, your own prayer time and in the common prayer of the Church’s liturgy. Mark is the primary Gospel for the liturgy this year.  Mark is a fast-paced gospel.  Jesus is on a mission and is driven to see it to completion.  Let the Gospel find the opening in you so that it can enter into you and move around in you.  Look for the opening in the Gospel so that you can enter into it and walk around in it.

The study will be done in three parts. Part 1. January 18, 25 and February 1, 8, 15, 2021.  10:30- approximately noon.  You need to register for this class.  Registration link available on the St. Brigid website, or click here to register.  Once you register you will receive a  confirmation letter directing you to register on ZOOM for the necessary codes.

Two suggested books:  Mark’s Gospel: The Whole Story by Joan Mitchell, CSJ ( recommended)   Parables for Preachers Year B: The Gospel of Mark Barbara Reid, OP (optional) – Sister Teresa