Gospel Reflection – Mar 17 + Operation Rice Bowl Week 2

Gospel Reflection
March 17, 2019

Sunday, March 17

Second Sunday of Lent

Luke 9: 28B – 36

Jesus took Peter, John, and James
and went up the mountain to pray.
While he was praying his face changed in appearance
and his clothing became dazzling white.
And behold, two men were conversing with him, Moses and Elijah,
who appeared in glory and spoke of his exodus
that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.
Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep,
but becoming fully awake,
they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.
As they were about to part from him, Peter said to Jesus,
“Master, it is good that we are here;
let us make three tents,
one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”
But he did not know what he was saying.
While he was still speaking,
a cloud came and cast a shadow over them,
and they became frightened when they entered the cloud.
Then from the cloud came a voice that said,
“This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”
After the voice had spoken, Jesus was found alone.
They fell silent and did not at that time
tell anyone what they had seen.

On each Second Sunday of Lent the Church gives us one of the gospel writers’ account of the Transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain. Although the accounts differ somewhat in their account of the vision of the Transfiguration, essentially the events are the same.

What happens here is that the three chosen apostles of Jesus, Peter, James and John are given a glimpse of the new Exodus that Jesus brings to the world. Here the old Exodus fades away as Jesus takes his place as the fulfillment of the Old Testament Law as portrayed by Moses and the prophets portrayed by Elijah. The voice from the cloud, which also appeared at the baptism of Jesus, speaks again, “This is my chosen Son, listen to Him.”

What does all of this mean for us? Jesus is the One, there is no other than He. Listen to me means to follow the way of His life. How? By giving to the poor, helping the needy, clothing the naked, and living an upright life and never forget the others around you. In short, we live at Peace!

This Second Sunday of Lent gives us a roadmap to the Easter Mystery of His Resurrection and emboldens us to move through the rocky roads of life to the new life guaranteed by Christ.

Monsignor Hendricks


Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
Catholic social teaching inspires and guides how we are to live and work in the world. In this principle, Life and Dignity of the Human Person, Jesus reminds us that we are all made in God’s image and likeness. That means that every human being has a special value and a purpose. We need to care for each other so we can be the people God calls us to be.

Encounter Annet
Annet’s youngest sister calls her Mom-and for good reason. Since their parents’ deaths 4 years ago, 16-year-old Annet has been caring for her three siblings: Gladys, 6, Irene, 8 and Emmanuel, 10.
It hasn’t been easy. Ongoing violence in their home country, South Sudan, forced Annet to take her siblings and flee south to neighboring Uganda. It was a dangerous journey, but Annet kept them safe despite threats from rebel soldiers.

For more than 2 years now, Annet and her siblings have been living in Bidi Bidi, one of the world’s largest refugee settlements. Formed in 2015, Bidi Bidi is home to nearly 300,000 people-many South Sudanese who, like Annet, fled for their lives to Uganda.

While Annet is happy to be away from the violence, life in Bidi Bidi is hard-especially for a young woman trying to raise her siblings. That’s why CRS is building houses for families like Annet’s. A place to call home means Annet can rest a little easier at night knowing her family is safe.

But that’s not all. CRS is also helping people like Annet learn to farm and is giving them the tools they need to succeed. Annet was given her own plot of land to plant on so she will be able to continue providing for her siblings.

For her, that’s the most important thing. While she wants her family to return to South Sudan one day, for now she knows that Bidi Bidi is the safer option. In the meantime, she encourages her siblings to go to school and does all she can to ensure they’ll have a bright future.

“My hope is to raise my siblings,” she says. “And I know I can do it with the help of CRS and my Catholic faith.”

To watch a video on Annet’s story, click here: https://www.crsricebowl.org/stories-of-hope/week-2