Summer Salt for the Soul: Week 1

Summer Salt for the Soul

     … to flavor

      … to season

   … to preserve

People often say, Sister, I would love to come to the things you offer at St. Brigid, but I don’t have time.  So, for the next few weeks, I will give you a brief study that you can do at home, in your own timeYou can do it with a friend, a neighbor, or your family.  Each Summer Salt is independent, so you can do all or just one.  That is up to you!!

Consider the names we humans have for God.  In the Hindu culture it is a custom to try to give a thousand names for God before you die. It is an interesting idea!  How do you address God?  I think the names we use for God reveal more about us than about God.  In a talk given two weeks before her death, Sister Thea Boman said: “My people graced me with multiple images of the Living God.  God is bread when you are hungry, water when you are thirsty, a harbor from the storm.  God is a father to the fatherless, a mother to the motherless.  God’s my sister, my brother, my leader, my guide, my teacher, my comforter, my friend.  God’s the way-maker and burden-bearer, a heart-fixer, and a mind regulator.  God’s a doctor who has never lost a patient; a lawyer who has never lost a case; a chaplain who has never lost a battle.  God is my all in all, my everything.  God is my rock, my sword, my shield, my lily of the valley, my pearl of great price.  God is a God of Peace and a God of War.  Counselor, Emmanuel, Redeemer, Savior, Prince of Peace, Son of God, Mary’s little baby, wonderful Word of God.  These images come from Scripture and from the lived experience of Christians.  Some people see them as contradictory, but Christians see them as inadequate. … All of these images help me as I call upon God’s name.”

I think I counted 36 or 37 images used by Sister Thea.  Over the next week I encourage you to take each of these images and use it for your prayer.  Let the experiences of your life come before you and consider ~ When has God been bread for you?  What do you hunger for?  How has God fixed your heart?  Do that with each of the images she proposed.  If some images do not speak to your life right now, then move to another image.  You may add to the list because we are far short of the 1000 mark!

Read Exodus 3:1ff to discover what name God gives God.

The Gospel of John is filled with “I AM” statements.  You might want to slowly read through the Gospel noting each time this statement is made by Jesus. With your family and friends see how many names for God you can come up with this week.

A name is so precious … so special … so connected with one’s identity.  During the next week notice how you speak/think about God.  How do you call upon God?  How do you use the name of God?

(Next week No Name … Changed Name … Special Name) … Sister Teresa Tuite, OP