Summer Salt for the Soul: Week 2

Summer Salt for the Soul

     … to flavor

        … to season

                … to preserve

People often say, Sister, I would love to come to the things you offer at St. Brigid, but I don’t have time.  So, here is a brief study that you can do at home, in your own timeYou can do it with a friend, a neighbor, or your family.  Each Summer Salt is independent, so you can do all or just one.  That is up to you!!

A name is a name is a name ...

NO NAME!  Matthew 15:21-28

Read the story paying close attention to any feeling that you find within yourself. “Canaanite” would conjure up all the ancient memories of idolatry and war and wandering in the wilderness.  It spoke volumes to the Jews.  This central character in this story is a woman and a Gentile — a source of uncleanness and impurity and all good Jews would keep away from her.  The third strike against her was that she was the mother of a possessed person.  Despite it all she approaches Jesus.  Are you shocked by his response?  Although it is harsh to hear and to read — Jesus responded to this nameless woman by using a racial slur.  She would not be put off.  She persisted and in the end Jesus’ mission is opened up beyond the “house of Israel.”  This was a moment of growth and new understanding for Jesus.

Can you recall any instances in your own life where you had to endure insult or racial bigotry?  Can you recall anytime when you yourself used a racial slur or had a bigoted attitude?

Do you feel that there are some people who have no right to be nourished by the Word of God?

Are there words that you regularly use to refer to others that contain racial, ethnic, gender or religious slurs?  What can and will we do to combat the growing influence and power of Hate Groups in our country?

CHANGED NAME!  Genesis 17:1-8, 15, 16       Genesis 32:23-32       John 1:40-42

There are several instances in the Bible where a name is changed because of a special mission that is to be given to the person.  Read the three that are given (use the footnotes and cross references).  What new role is each person given?

Who gave you your name?  Have you changed your name?  What does your name mean?  Do you have a nickname?  What does it say about you?  Do you like your name?

SPECIAL NAME!  Isaiah 43:1-4

Slowly read and reread this passage from Isaiah.  Imagine God is speaking to you personally. Last week we considered the names we have for God.   This week I invite you to switch that around.  What does God call you?  If God did give you a nickname like he did for Peter, what do you think it would be?    Could God come up with a thousand titles for you?  What would they be?  Jesus says, “I call you friend.”  It is easier to think of Jesus as our friend but what do you think being a friend to Jesus means to him?  Are you and God on a first name basis?               Sister Teresa Tuite, OP