Synod Meeting Mar 19

Like many of the words that we use in our Catholic tradition, Synod is an ancient Greek word meaning assembling to determine the path forward.  A Synod is a process that gathers Christ’s disciples so that their voices can be heard.  It is the Church’s belief that each and everyone’s voice is that of Christ, and when two or three of Christ’s Faithful are gathered, he is present and alive in their midst.  The history of the Church also shows us that the model of Synodality was a critical tool at times of crisis and challenge.  The model of a Synod allows the presence of Christ to be given voice at this moment in our history.

Responding to Pope Francis’ call for all to participate in his Synod on Synodality, our Deanery will conduct a synodal listening session at the social hall of St. Joan of Arc Church, 10700 Liberty Rd., Powell, on Saturday, March 19, 1-3 p.m.  This session will provide an opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings but more importantly to discern how the Holy Spirit is guiding us in our journey together.  Please join us for this important event by registering at this link: If you find another date and location that works better with your schedule, you are welcome sign up for that one.