A Request from OhioHealth: How to Help

Looking for ways to help out during the pandemic? We have received the following request from OhioHealth on ways that faith communities can support them and their workers during this time.
  1. Prayers.  This might be obvious, but if you would surround our hospital staff (and all medical staff in our community) with prayers, that would make the largest impact for us.  While you are praying for our health workers, we’d like to let them know that!  So if your congregation is including healthcare workers in its prayers, please send us an email at FaithCommunityRelations@OhioHealth.com.  We will put a scroll on one of our associate pages, so that they can see that they are being prayed for in the challenging days ahead.
  2. Supply Donations. There are several different material donations that would be invaluable for us in caring for patients.  We have posted suggested donations and site information on our website at https://www.ohiohealth.com/covid-19/medical-supply-donations/
  3. Cloth Masks. We know that some of you have already begun making cloth masks.  With personal preferences varying so widely, we are not providing specific patterns or instructions for how to do this — there are many patterns online.  We will accept any pattern/style as long as the masks are made from cotton. We prefer 70/30 cotton/polyester blend but will accept all masks made of cotton. We prefer masks made with fabric ties for wearer comfort but will accept those with elastic.  When using the above donation link, please scroll down past the donation locations for specifics on homemade masks.
These have been challenging days.  We know that you have not been able to gather together physically for worship and community time, but that your ministries of care, service, and prayer continue.  We are grateful for all of the ways that we can work together to care for our community.  Thanks for being with us in this battle.