Fall 2021 Women’s Bible Study: Common Ground

Women’s Bible Study: Common Ground

What are we to do and how are we to be in a world that seems disconnected in so many areas of life; when civil discourse does not seem to be the chosen way of disagreeing and monologue seems to be preferred over dialogue?

As we so often do, we turn to the scriptures for some enlightenment and guidance.  Using stories of siblings in the Old and New Testament we will be pointed  to peace and reconciliation in all our relationships, reassuring us that it is possible to find common ground with everyone—despite our differences.

The WBS (WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY) begins Wednesday -September 15 and goes through October 27.  7:00-8:15 PM in Berry Room (subject to change).  We will use the book Common Ground by Amberly Neese.  It is available through Amazon and other book vendors.  You do need to register by September 1 for this study.