Increase in Scam Emails in Diocese

We recently received a warning from the Diocese that scam emails have dramatically increased.  Currently there is one going around that looks like it came from Msgr. Hendricks (targeting staff members) and is asking for them to change their direct deposit info.

In addition, most of what is being seen is about the coronavirus or COVID-19.  Cyber predators prey on situations where people can’t fully prepare. They might want to show you the latest map of infections in your area or tell you about how to get tested.   They are written in a way to play on your fears and scare you into acting right now!  Don’t fall for any of these.

The best plan of action against these emails if you get one is to delete it.  Never respond and never click on any link or attachment in the email, if there are any.  Be safe and think before you click.

In addition, this is a good time to tighten up passwords. Don’t use the same one for all accounts and don’t write it down somewhere easily found.  Change your passwords frequently.  If a hacker can gain access to your email, they can hack into a variety of accounts by using the forgot password link.  It sends an email to the email they have hacked so now they are into another account.

There are also various social media scams going around in attempt to get you to share personal information that is often used as passwords or security question answers (e.g. your high school mascot, pet’s name, street name, etc.) Please think twice before sharing any of this information.

Think twice before you click!