Lenten Zoom Soup Suppers

Tuesday Nights at 6:00 PM
February 23 – March 23, 2021

We will learn how to make a soup offered by one of our guest chefs. We will pray together and make a holy connection with each other. Olivia the Owl will take us to three different countries: Madagascar, El Salvador and Timor-Leste. Then you will eat at home with your family.

Join Zoom Meeting each week by clicking below or using the codes.

Meeting ID: 875 6723 4152

Schedule of Guest Chefs:
February 23 – Nancy & Mark Poepplman
March 2 – Laura Ginikos
March 9 – Deb Obert and her daughter Maria
March 16 – Jackie Mack and her two grandchildren Liam and Madeline
March 23 – Jen McManus and her daughter Aileen


Katherine and I asked the same question.  One thing that COVID-19 took from us was the freedom to share meals with each other.  It is important that we are able to invite people into our homes for dinner or meet friends for lunch.  Doing these two things not only nourish the body but also nourish our spirit.  We wanted to provide away to do that but knew we had to do it differently than we have in the past.

Strangely enough – ZOOM does that.  On Zoom we are invited into each other’s homes.  We don’t think of it as virtual.  You are real people, we are real people, we meet in real time and we are in a real place.  We gather with the intention of our heart to be together. In scripture when the word “home” is used or the story says that Jesus went to  a certain home for dinner or a meal, it is being used as a metaphor.  Jesus is entering into our heart.  He is coming into the place where the person lives.  When Jesus comes into our heart things happen.   We are transformed.

On our ZOOM SOUP SUPPERS, you are being invited into our home and you are letting us into your home.  We will also widen the space of our heart by taking advantage of the materials offered by Catholic Relief Services.  We will have a very wise guide.  Olivia the Owl will take us to three different countries to see how our sisters and brothers across the globe live.

Some our parishioners will also invite us into their kitchens (often called “the heart of the home”) and show us how to prepare a recipe that they use with their families.

Katherine and I hope that you will join us and that we will be nourished in body and spirit because we spent time together.  We gather on ZOOM at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays (for about 1/2hour (little more or little less).  February 23- March 23rd.  Each one is independent so join us when you can and bring your family- far and near.  – Katherine Florian and Sister Teresa


Bean Soup with Ham & Potatoes from Nancy and Mark Poeppelman

Crockpot Chili from Laura Ginikos

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from Deb Obert

Ground Beef and Barley Soup from Jackie Mack

Spinach Soup from Jen McManus

Three Can Soup from Sister Joye

Two Bread Recipes