Saint Brigid School Children Begin Returning to Mass

Children attending Saint Brigid of Kildare School will begin alternating their attendance of in-person daily Masses beginning Tuesday, March 23. Students will sit with their assigned classroom pods, seated six feet apart, and will follow all COVID safety protocols including wearing masks. Each Mass will be limited to three classroom pods, so grade levels will alternate which days they will attend in-person. Children will only attend the 9 AM Masses on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays (this will not impact the liturgies for these Masses). School parents will not be able to sit with their school children during these Masses to limit movement within the church.
The school children will continue to attend virtual school Masses on Thursdays at 9 AM (when it is not their classroom pod’s day to attend in-person). We are excited for this step that will bring many of our parish children back into the physical presence of the church, and will allow our children to receive the physical Eucharist.