Adult Faith Education (CAFE)

Adult Faith Formation logoWe as Catholic adults have grown in our ability to enter into strong relationships, to parent effectively and to be proficient in our chosen profession or occupation. However, other than participating in the celebration of the Liturgy, and helping our children with their Religion homework, few of us have been involved in anything formal which brings us to a greater knowledge of our faith or deepens our Spiritual Life.

As a way of encouraging all adult parishioners to grow in their knowledge and practice of our faith, St. Brigid of Kildare has established a School of Adult Faith Formation. Parishioners have opportunities to participate in experiences offered at the parish itself or in one another’s homes.


Sr. Teresa Tuite, OP, Director of the School of Adult Faith Formation, publishes a catalog of specific opportunities. The catalogs are distributed at Sunday Masses and are published on the parish website.

The descriptions below are general statements regarding the types of opportunities which will be available during the coming year. Please check the CURRENT CATALOG for more details on offerings for this year.

Women’s Retreat
Each year the theme and offerings differ slightly, but the Women’s Retreat brings us inspiring speakers, opportunities for small group discussion, great meals with a table of parishioners, a choice of breakout sessions that will allow you to pray or learn in a different way, Mass, Adoration, Confession and rest.

Click here to learn more about our 2019 Women’s Retreat and to register.


Bible Study
During the year Bible Study will be offered in the evening. These are usually 4-6 weeks, one evening a week. They are meant for those who are not able to commit themselves to a year-long program. To get involved, contact Sister Teresa at 761-3734 or

Little Rock Scripture Study
The Little Rock Scripture group meets on Thursday mornings from 10 a.m. – noon. They meet from August through May. This year, they are beginning a new cycle starting with Introduction to the Bible, Spirituality of Paul, and Psalms. Due to the popularity two new groups are forming. One will meet on Monday mornings and the other on Thursday afternoons. Times will be announces. Both of these series are very solid and offer an opportunity not only for study, but also for incorporating the Scriptures into our personal prayer life. To get involved, contact Claudia Gomez at 266-7057 or

Small Group Gatherings
Using a series entitled Come to the Table, groups of 8 to 10 parishioners (self-formed group) will gather in one another’s homes to study and discuss topics such as: Faith, Revelation, Catholic Morality, and Liturgy. These are led by someone in the group and all materials are provided by the parish. To get involved, contact Sister Teresa at 761-3734 or

Tuesday Morning Group
This discussion group meets on Tuesday mornings from 9:45-11:45 and explores topics which cover a broad spectrum of Catholic life. Please check the current Adult Faith Formation Catalog for exact topics. To get involved, contact Sister Teresa at 761-3734 or

Family First
Family First is a ministry of St. Brigid of Kildare Parish that seeks to empower parents in their roles as leaders in the home/domestic church. Family First offers insight into all stages of child development as well as marriage enrichment. We currently offer a weekly discussion group, have an email distribution list of support materials and sponsor special events such as family volunteer opportunities and speakers which build fellowship among parishioners. To get involved, contact Cheryl Hohlefelder at 873-1367 or

Click here to visit the Family First page.