Sisters in Christ is a ministry that cultivates prayer and community with other women and emphasizes our need for spiritual friendships.  This group provides a weekly structure for women to spend time learning about God and the Catholic faith; and journeying with other women.  Sisters in Christ meets Wednesday afternoons from 1:15 – 2:45 pm, during the school year, beginning in September.  

This year (Fall 2024 – Spring 2025), Sisters in Christ will be starting a new program by Paradisus Dei called, She Shall Be Called Woman.  It is a transformative journey designed to meet the deepest longings of the feminine heart and to be a sanctuary for women seeking to be truly seen, known, and loved as they grow in their relationships with the Lord. Through vibrant conversations, authentic speakers, and enriching prayer experiences, this program will equip our group with the tools needed to embark on a profound spiritual journey.

Fall Season — Masterpiece of Creation 

Goal: To truly understand the way the Lord views femininity is to live as one who is fully alive. In a world that often speaks in cliches and labels, God desires to reveal who He is through a greater understanding of who we are. This season will not only unpack the wealth of celebration of what Saint John Paul II called “The Feminine Genius” but will also give real advice on how to combat the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges we, as women, face every day.

Spring Season — The Ten Virtues of Mary 

Goal: The Blessed Mother is our perfect example of what it is to be a woman in love with the Lord. Saint Louis De Montfort defined ten virtues that Mary exhibited that defined her life. These virtues are challenging, but they aren’t impossible. This season will shed a deep light on each of these virtues while offering approachable tips on how these virtues can better your life, your friendship, and your family.

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