A New Little Library

Last school year, three Saint Brigid of Kildare School students worked hard on a service project to create a new Little Library at our parish. As part of the school’s Service Club, Emma Drab (currently grade 8), Sam Sage (currently grade 9), and Maren Reville (currently grade 9), designed and created the Little Library which is now positioned on the east side of the church near the sidewalk. To get the project approved, the students met with Monsignor Hendricks, Principal Kathy O’Reilly, and had many communications with the City of Dublin. The students wrote proposals and had phone calls with the city to discuss the purpose and need for the project — to provide a place for people to drop off donated books and to pick up a free book. After months of work, the Little Library went up this month, and within just a few days was full of donated books. The Little Library is open to anyone who passes by at any time — feel free to take a book or drop off a gently used one for others to enjoy.