The Appeal 2023

The Appeal (previously known as the Bishop’s Annual Appeal) is how we as a parish have an opportunity to bring about a positive change in the lives of many of God’s people in our Diocese.  This year’s Appeal is themed “Forward with Jesus.” The Appeal will support Catholic education and faith-formation initiatives for young people, including those on college campuses. Dollars raised will also support concrete outreach to the poor and most vulnerable in our Diocese. The Appeal also supports and sustains two top priorities: evangelization and vocations. We want to share the good news of salvation with everyone, through our parishes and outreach ministries, and to form missionary disciples, religious, and priests, who are heralds of the Gospel.
Your gift matters! All dollars raised to meet the Diocesan Appeal goal of $7,000,000 will fund the needs of identified Diocesan ministries, programs, and services including:
  • Evangelization ($2,536,000) Outreach and formation on college campuses, ministering to individuals’ and communities’ spiritual needs, marriage preparation, hospital chaplaincy, and ethnic ministries.
  • Vocations ($1,593,000) Priest, deacon, and seminarian education; supporting the cost of formation for the priesthood and diaconate.
  • Catholic Education and Tuition Assistance ($1,568,000) Provides financial aid to families seeking Catholic education for their children, as well as funding for the education and advocacy of Catholic social teaching.
  • Social Concerns ($1,303,000) Helping each other walk the Christian life of charity, justice, and hope through direct outreach, advocacy, and education through programs like J.O.I.N., Backdoor Ministry, St. Francis Evangelization Center, Respect Life, Urban Plunge-style retreats, and the coordination of prison ministries.
The Appeal supports essential ministries, formation, and outreach under the four pillars of evangelization, vocations, education, and social concerns. Your gift will be reflected in St. Brigid of Kildare’s goal of $314,558 and our parish will be notified of your generosity. Please use the link to make a pledge or gift to The Appeal. Thank you!