Early Voting – Issue 1 & 2 Threaten Families

Our Catholic faith teaches that parents have a duty to protect and care for their children. These duties are the reason that parents have special rights regarding the education and welfare of children. A constitutional amendment on the ballot in this election would threaten a parent’s ability to protect and care for their children. Catholics must Vote NO on Issue 1 and Issue 2 because…

  • Parental rights are under threat – Issue 1 challenges a parent’s right to know about and consent to their child receiving any reproductive interventions, including abortion.
  • Children are at risk – Issue 2 endangers children as the legalization of recreational marijuana is shown to increase use by youth, therefore harming their development, especially neurologically. It could also increase traffic accidents and fatalities.

Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves, and it is in a family where we first learn to love. This is why the Catholic Church teaches that parents have special rights and responsibilities, so that a child’s home can be a haven of love. To protect a parent’s ability to love, protect, and care for their children, Catholics in Ohio must Vote NO on Issue 1 and Issue 2

You can request an absentee ballot at www.voteohio.gov until October 31st, then mail the absentee ballot to your local board of elections by November 6th. Or, go to your board of elections to vote early in-person any day between now and November 5th.

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The Catholic Conference of Ohio is the official voice of the Catholic Church in Ohio on public policy, advocating for the dignity of life at all stages, immigrants, Ohioans in need, and Catholic education. www.ohiocathconf.org