Issue 1 Voting

Dear St. Brigid of Kildare parishioners,

As you know, election day is fast approaching. As a church, we have always strongly encouraged all eligible faithful to register and to vote. We have also encouraged all to inform our consciences regarding candidates and the issues as to how they align with the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. This year, perhaps more than ever, it is important that we do so. We have heard much about Issue One and the church’s stance against it. The wording of this issue as it is presented can be confusing. As your pastor, my desire is to provide the best information (there is a lot of information out there) to you in order to a) understand exactly what the issue is proposing, b) understand the church’s position, and c) prepare your own conscience as you enter the voting booth.

Our Bishop and Diocesan Offices have provided information to parishes that they think are best for our prayerful use. Bishop Fernandes has asked that we limit the resources we provide to those from the Catholic Conference of Ohio. I ask that you go to for a full selection of information that the Bishop has asked us to use. This link and information will also be on our parish website and our bulletin. I will select some of this information to be available in our Narthex two weeks prior to the elections. In order to keep the Narthex area an orderly and pleasant welcoming area, it is the policy of our parish that all information be presented to the parish office in order to be considered for placement in this area. I ask the same policy be respected on this issue. 

Let us pray for the protection of all human life, from the moment of conception to natural death, and for all who lack in any way the basic human needs for life.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father James Black